See a Poem as Lovely as a Neon Tree

Lately, I've been encouraging myself to take things seriously. I need to start learning to commit to things. It's difficult! I like change but it seems like I get to do different things and I can't focus into excelling in a single task. Does that happen to you? I want to do many things at the same time but I don't have time. I wanna do more but I do less since I can't do everything. I need to adhere more.

Oh, commitment issues.

Backtracking a bit the past few days. Listening to Neon Trees today.

Let's start with Everybody Talks.

I've been told that I can be a little to bold or sometimes I come off as rude when making a statement. Well, in my defense, I don't really want to be mean or rude. Maybe I was just being honest when asked for an opinion.

Lessons in Love

It might be because my voice is too loud or maybe my intonation when speaking? My manner of putting words and thoughts together? Damn. Maybe I'll try talking more slowly. Sometimes words just come out of impulse to reply. Out of the rush of thinking of a reply, I say what I am thinking without autocorrect. Ha.

Sleeping With A Friend


Drab Monday Grab a Sundae: The Chainsmokers

Good day everyone. This is Captain Monday speaking. In behalf of the whole crew of five working days of the week, I would like to welcome you aboard a sluggish week. For the whole course of the week, we expect to experience some mild turbulence that may transgress into a massive storm. Please fasten your seatbelt and stay safe. Despite this disappointing announcement, we hope you enjoy your flight care of our music for today from The Chainsmokers.

Bastille's Flaws

The Colourist's Fix This

NONONO's Pumpin Blood

BANKS' Change

Heat wave's Joywave

It's a hot jolly Friday in the tropics and we're having Joywave today.

Joywave's Tongues

RAC's remix

The Hood's remix

Some of their latest release. I really like this Now song. I like it more than TonguesSomebody New is a combination Smashing Pumpkins-esque, Keane-ish sounding song.


In Clover

Somebody New

Everything, everything will be just fine. Everything, everything will be alright.

Who ate the world? Jimmy.

Today's playlist features Argonaut&Wasp. I was listening to my feed when I stumbled upon a pazazz-ed rendition of Jimmy Eat World's It Just Takes Some Time by Argonaut&Wasp.

Their single In The Drown caught my attention with its resemblance to Jai Paul's music. Though they are not as dark and hard hitting, their music also runs from slow beats and then advancing into an upbeat progressive rock. Nice touch with the guitar solo too.

I'm really surprised they don't have a big following. I mean, they're totally great!

Maybe they can be experimental but I find that amusing.

I find their songs very usable for western-y film or a travelling documentary. I wish they made more music videos.

Sweet Harmony from Oliver Nelson

Hey! Today's playlist is purely biased over Oliver Nelson. I've come to like his mixes very well. I might actually like his more than RAC's.

Mikky Ekko's Kids

Janelle Monae's Tightrope

Viceroy's and Ghost Beach's While We're In Love

MNDR's Feed Me Diamonds

Bon Iver's Minnesota

Kim Cesarion's Undressed

I really dig his logo, by the way.

Lastly, Bon Iver's Towers

No Mind, No Bind

It's a Friday and I thought, why not start the morning by re-watching American Psycho. Of Course, I didn't do that.

Today's looking a little mixed. I don't know. I'm usually belligerent on people bumping into other people, commuters who don't know how to say excuse me or sorry, and just plain nasty folks who don't respect others. However, today, I'm feeling passive. I'm letting everyone pass.

Earned and learned a lot this week. Disappointments, and coping with that. Silent fights with friends, and haggling for consideration and amendment. Proposing and receiving good promises, and dealing with the failure of achieving these. Happy surprises, and containing the feelings. These past two weeks has been a gust of whirlwind which may be a sign for a cool and gentle breeze or a sign for a disastrous terrible storm. It doesn't matter anymore. I'm letting everything pass for now.


Sharing some tracks from my soundcloud feed.

The Wants' Beast.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines' Autm(n)atic.
Another one from STVatG. Still Awake at Sunrise.

They sound a little like Mogwai or Emancipator.

I feel like I'm in a trance, living and breathing but still unaware of whatnots. Empty? Or maybe it's just I don't want to care today. Maybe. Maybe no fucks will be given today.

St. Lucia's Elevate.

What's with saints today? Maybe divine intervention is needed today. I'm getting a Depeche Mode vibe with St. Lucia.

Please enjoy and hope you have a great weekend.

Also, a friend of mine back in the university did upload a track and I wanted to share it here.

The Songs We Need, Ta-ku

Weather is getting warmer by the minute. Did I mention the humidity? I have started wearing them short shorts again. The other day, although I usually wear a rash guard at gym, I wore a cropped top.

Damn, I was just getting myself accustomed to new things at work this morning when I stumbled upon this blog entry. Damn, I need to work harder at the gym. I thought she'll be the typical pretty skinny girl model but no, she really does work it out. That girl is an inspiration. Renewed my gym membership since it expired a week ago. Cheers to more active and nonstop workouts.

Today's looking promising. Here, I present to you an equally bright and promising artist, Ta-ku.

Ta-ku's upbeat break up song, I Miss You.

Ta-ku's take on Justin Timberlake's Suit & Tie.

And another Remix. Ginger & The Ghost's One Type of Dark.

Taking a Hitch

with NeonHitch!

Sorry, that was lame.

Lazy day whereas the author of this blog is begrudgingly and reluctantly listening to NeonHitch for no particular reason. At lease it is not Miley Cyrus!

It's catchy! Don't blame me. I get a MIA vibes from them too. I am so sorry! I promise to bawl out better sounding music next time.

Reliving Coldplay

Coldplay, a few days ago did give us Magic.

Besides from Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins, Coldplay is one of the bands I've been listening to since I was 8 or 9 years old.

Yesterday was an improvement! No big events but hey, at least yesterday wasn't as bad as Tuesday. Tuesday was just a day of hell.

Don't Panic - still my favorite from Coldplay up to this day

Coldplay always has this melancholy, serene but at the same time disruptive (in the most graceful manner) songs. It's like I want to listen to their songs to make myself feel better but at the end of the day, I tend to feel even worse. Well, I think they have differentiated from their original sound before but yeah, there's that lyrics that just begs to be sad about. Their songs are about waiting, wailing, losing, forgiving - realities you don't want to find yourself into but you actually do. Their songs are just there as an unforgivably depressing starlight in your dark days. Phew. Nevertheless, I enjoy listening to the lightheartedness and warmth of their songs, especially Chris Martin's voice.

Anyway, skimming through Chris Martin's discography and biography, wow. Didn't know he stood around 6'2"! He's tall. Thought he was around 5'11".

Here's a list of my favorite songs from each album.

  • Parachutes
    • Don't Panic
    • Spies
    • Yellow
  • A Rush of Blood to the Head
    • Amsterdam
    • In My Place
  • X&Y
    • Talk
    • Speed of Sound
  • Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends
    • Viva la Vida
    • Lovers in Japan
    • Strawberry Swing
  • Mylo Xyloto
    • Paradise
    • Charlie Brown
Anyway, I wouldn't post a lot of soundcloud bits (like how I usually do) today since there's not much songs from the official Coldplay soundcloud account. This song is actually a favorite of mine from their A Rush of Blood album.

Can't wait for their album this May. I really think they're one of the most hardworking bands ever.

Throwback Thursday Songs

Here's Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory Remix from Porter Robinson. Not a party gal but I enjoy listening to upbeat music when I clean or do things.

I'm really liking Suki Waterhouse. She's gorgeous and was gorgeous last Oscars too.

When I'm busy checking out stuff at and outside work, I listen to more subtly mixed party songs. Not a chill song. Just an okay song to party with.

Here's Thomas Jack's remix of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Anyway, yesterday was a little bland. Went to work. Worked. Train ride home. Bought books. Treated mom to dinner. Went home to bunk down. Hope today is not so so-so.

What's with the 100 days of happiness posts at instagram? Don't know what it's all about but if it makes people smile, why not.

Booked a flight to Cagayan De Oro. Didn't tell anyone yet (which I am doing now) but heck, can't wait.

Also, listening to this song is a breath of fresh air.

Arctic Monkeys, Yes? Crawling back to you.

A change of environment today! Morning is spent with my ma. First time to grab a coffee in months. I don't drink coffee that much since I am a little sensitive and is inclined to palpitate once caffeine kicks in. I don't drink alcohol either for the same reasons. Limited to just maybe a tablespoon or so of Pierre Mignon or some red wine on some rad pasta recipe I just invented.

Arctic Monkeys is one of those bands that I go back to whenever I'm feeling empty handed. Well, besides from Incubus, RHCP and Fat Boy Slim. Well, I'm not exactly empty-handed this week, it's just, I just had the greatest discovery yesterday with this post and thought I'd give Arctic Monkeys a short visit. Damn, I think I won't be listening to any pop or electronic music this coming week.

I think, in my opinion, Arctic Monkeys has improved and developed new music while still retaining that swagger and smoothness they had from the beginning. Their songs got a tad slower and darker but I am not complaining. Still music. Damn, I've been a fan of them since I was like grade school while everyone else was listening to Neyo and Usher. Come hell or high water, I'd prefer Arctic Monkeys over Usher.

I'm really into this song. Simple but cool in many dimensions.

Okay, that's it. I'm leaving this here. Throwback Thursday (Friday in my time).

Today's Music: Some rock and diverging from Electronic Music, Portugal The Man

Lately, the music I have been listening to has been lackluster. So today, I decided to listen to a little bit of rock. I present to you Portugal The Man.

They are a bit of The Neighborhood, Foster the People and some Broken Bells but with a more acoustic and sinister vibe. Please, please, hear them out.

Modern Jesus

And... check out the lyrics. They're great. If it's not relate-able, it's still good to hear and know.

And their songs aren't just about love which is good, right? Good for non love-stricken people to listen too.

Oh, did I mention they have some cool and cruelly funny looking videos

Listen to their playlist below. I need to get a copy of their album. You too.

Madeon and RAC, Tycho and Shuijo

Happy and cheery vibes care of Madeon.

Also, RAC is on my playlist again today. Specifically this playlist. I usually prefer listening to his upped and energized covers but I also like these mixes. They're clean and feel just right.
Also, if you're leaning towards a darker mood today, I found great music for you! One is Tycho and other one is Shuljo. They're a little like The XX meets Explosions in the Sky but with a more energized and electrified flavor. And maybe they're a tidbit less popular but hey, that's why I'm sharing! I think both artists/bands need to get their tunes listened to more. They deserve more ears. Really.



Today's Music: DJ Grumble

Sunday's a great chill day. DJ Grumble's the perfect companion. Chill rap, chill sounds, chill vibes. Best thing about DJ Grumble is that he let's you listen and play his music for free. And yes! we can download most of his tracks.

It's a cold sunny day (aka perfect weather). Nothing too harsh, nothing too hasty. Everything's going pretty slow which I pray to continue on Monday (which is impossible). Mondays are just, as usual, terrible.

Reading an old Elle issue, drawing, cooking and eating some healthy ramen.

Semi Vegetarian


Udon's looking great


Today's Music: Krewella

Today's a Friday and it's a sweet day.

Have a bangin' Friday with Krewella.